Our contribution to saving the bees

Busy buzzing at SENNA!

Senna Kooperation Mit Hektar Nektar

Bees are one of the most important useful animals in the world because they’re not only pollinators and so encourage ecological biodiversity, they also help us keep the supply of food flowing. That’s why they’re so fundamentally important to humankind. Our landscapes would suffer great damage and the plant and animal diversity would be greatly reduced without bees. But these little practical helpers are at risk from many factors – it’s even possible that they face extinction!

We at SENNA appreciate the work that bees do very much because our products are also manufactured largely from plant-based ingredients. Bees do important preparatory work to ensure that our products are available in the desired quantity and quality. It’s not least for that reason that we commenced support last year for the goal of increasing by 10% the number of bees in Germany and Austria as part of PROJEKT 2028. We’re working with Hektar Nektar to help two female beekeepers, who are not only being provided with an entire colony of bees but also with the equipment they need to care for them.