SENNA and Dr. Oetker Professional: Two brands, united by the passion for baking and cooking

Senna Dop Kooperation

On 1 January 2017, Dr. Oetker Professional and SENNA concentrated their competences into one sales cooperation. Both partners are benefitting from the cooperation. Dr. Oetker Professional is complementing the decades of tradition and expertise at SENNA with new products. In return, its extensive market presence amongst professional users makes SENNA the ideal sales partner for Dr. Oetker Professional.

Last but not least, the customers get to benefit from the new cooperation! Over 100 Dr. Oetker Professional products have been added to the SENNA range of products. Dr. Oetker Professional enriches the SENNA range by means of bakery and decoration items, dessert cremes and ready-made fresh and frozen cakes, for instance.