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SENNA Lexicon

Decades of know-how make us what we are today: a thoroughly Austrian traditional company that is the leading specialist for fats, oils, margarine, sauces and dressings far beyond its borders. We are happy to pass on this professional knowledge in the fields of gastronomy and Back & Co!

Al Dente

Firm to the bite, not too hard on the outside, just cooked on the inside.


Coat the surface of the desired piece of pastry with hot, strained jam (e.g. apricot, raspberry, …).

Roll out

Roll out dough or marzipan to the desired thickness with a rolling pin or sheeter.


Warm up lightly in fat without turning brown, e.g. chopped onions.

The 14 allergens

In accordance with the EU Regulation on the provision of food information (No. 1169/2011), caterers as well as restaurant and hotel owners must inform their customers as to which food could trigger allergies or intolerances. This information obligation exists if ingredients from the 14 main categories (including products thereof) are used in the preparation of the food.