03. Dec, 2020

Apple cake in a jar

Vegetarian, Advent & Christmas, Dessert, Herbst, Winter,

The fruity apple cake in a jar is perfect as a souvenir and stays fresh and juicy even after long periods of storage.

Level of difficulty

    Apple cake

  • g SENNA apple slices
  • g grated nuts
  • Juice and zest of ½ untreated lemon
  • g wheat flour
  • g baking powder
  • g sugar
  • g vanilla sugar
  • Stk eggs
  • g SENNA Melange Universal (margarine
  • ml kefir
  • g SENNA vanilla baking aroma
  • g SENNA rum baking aroma
  • cinnamon
  • SENNA separating fat spray
  • 250 ml preserving jars with lids, rubber rings and clips
  • crumble mixture

  • g Senna Butterriegel (margarine)
  • g icing sugar
  • g flour

Used SENNA Products:

1243230 Senna Trennfettspray

SENNA Trennfettspray

• Fast and clean separation
• The baked goods don’t stick
• The fat doesn’t stick to the bottom of the baking tray
• Easy and fast to use
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1243230 | 500ml (6 x 500ml)

Apfelspalten Neu 2019 Klein

SENNA Apfelspalten

• Whole apple slices
• Many different uses
• Consistent quality, at all times
• Particularly baking and freezing stability
• Long shelf life
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1247200 | 5kg

1214220 Senna Melange Universal

SENNA Melange universal

• 10% butterfat
• Good overrun
• For short-crust pastry and cremes

Art.Nr.: 1214220 | 10kg (4 x 2,5kg)

1248310 SENNA Aroma Vanille

SENNA Backaroma Vanille

• Fine vanilla flavour
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1248310 | 1kg (6x 1kg)

1248305 SENNA Aroma Rum

SENNA Backaroma Rum

• Intensive, full taste of Austrian rum
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1248305 | 1kg (6 x 1kg)

1413254 Senna Butterplatte

SENNA Butterplatte

• Smooth consistency
• No additives
• Temperature stability thanks to fractionation
• 100% natural

Art.Nr.: 1413254 | 10kg (5 x 2kg)


  1. Soak the SENNA apple wedges in warm water.
  2. Then add the grated nuts, lemon juice and zest.
  3. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C top and bottom heat. Spray the inside of the glasses with SENNA separating fat spray. Place the rubber rings in cold water.
  4. Put the remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl, except for the apples. Then work everything into a smooth dough. Then fold in the apple mixture.
  5. Distribute the batter evenly over the glasses, filling each glass only halfway.
  6. Scatter the prepared crumble mixture over it. Then bake the glasses for about 30-35 minutes.
  7. Take the jars out of the oven and close them immediately. To do this, place a wet rubber ring on the inside of a glass lid and fix the lid to the glass with clamps. Let the cakes cool in the closed glasses. The cake lasts about 2 months in the glass.

Our tip

Refine with SENNA vanilla sauce!

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