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Recipes with rice flour - gluten-free

Erdbeerroulade 02

Swiss Roll with rice flour (gluten-free)

Ingredients Swiss Roll:

500 g eggs (10)

250 g sugar

250 g bali® rice flour

Ingredients Strawberry-Buttermilk-Cream:

500 g SENNA whipped creme

250 g SENNA cream fondant neutral

30 g water

250 g buttermilk

250 g fresh strawberries (mashed)

Juice from one lemon


For the Swiss roll: Beat eggs with sugar warm and cold, fold in the rice flour. Spread the dough on a baking sheet lined with baking paper or use SENNA separating fat spray instead of the baking paper. Bake at approx. 220°C on the middle rack for 10 minutes until golden brown. Overturn on baking paper, fill with the strawberry buttermilk cream and roll up.

For the filling, mix the buttermilk with water, lemon juice and pureed strawberries and stir with SENNA cream fondant neutral until smooth. Fold in the whipped SENNA basis creme (whipped creme). Use immediately and place in the refrigerator for approx. 2 hours to stiffen.

Pancake 20210409

Pancakes with rice flour


300 g bali® rice flour

15 g Cornstarch

10 g baking powder

150 g egg

240 g milk

SENNA glazing cream or Sunflower oil

SENNA fruit fillings



Mix all ingredients and stir. Bake the dough in the pan over medium heat with a little SENNA glazing cream. Stack the pancakes and refine with SENNA fruit fillings and honey as desired.

Tempura 20210409

Tempura dough with rice flour


300 g bali® rice flour

100 g egg white

600 g water (ice cold)

10 g baking powder



Mix all ingredients to a homogeneous dough. For ice-cold water, add a few ice cubes to the water beforehand. Wash vegetables, meat or fish to taste, pat dry and then pull through the tempura dough. Bake out at approx. 170 ° C in SENNA Top or other high-quality deep-frying fat / oil.

Haselnusskekse Reismehl

Hazelnut short pastry with rice flour


300 g icing sugar

650 g SENNA back (margarine)

750 g bali® rice flour

400 g hazelnuts, grated and roasted

100 g eggs (2 pieces)

SENNA vanilla and rum aroma


Mix all ingredients to a homogeneous dough, roll out approx. 3 mm thick. Cut out the shape you want. Bake at approx. 180 ° C for 10-12 minutes.

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