Our SENNA fats and oils accentuate the taste of your food, and comply with the most discerning of demands.

Fats and oils

SENNA special fats are suitable for various kitchen and bakery purposes.


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1225210 Senna Bratcreme

SENNA Bratcreme

• For frying meat and fish
• Excellent stability even at high temperatures and long frying time
• Delicate aroma – gives the food a particularly fine taste
• Contains unsaturated fatty acids
• Also suitable for use in marinades
• Salt-free
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1225210 | 5l

1225230 Senna Schmelzcreme

SENNA Schmelzcreme

• For tossing vegetables
• Perfect butter substitute, delicate buttery colour
• Outstanding stability, even following serving
• No clarifying needed
• Excellent spitting properties
• Contains unsaturated fatty acids
• Salt-free
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1225230 | 5l

1223320 Senna Rio H


• Ideal for whipped cremes, for diluting glazing mixtures and for ice-creams
• Excellent glaze in the end product
• Plant based mixed fat
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1223320 | 10kg (4 x 2,5kg)

1224315 Milla Soft

Milla Soft

• Ideal for pretzel doughs
• Good gas-retaining properties (compared to oil)
• Purely vegetable ingredients
• Universally useable
• Creamily soft and, hence, easy to process over a wide temperature range
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1224315 | 15kg

RZ SENN Logo Zero Tropical 210506

SENNA Soft ZERO Tropical

• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1224319 | 15kg