Create delicious salat creations – quickly and easily!


At the flick of the wrist, delish salad creations are yours with the aid of the SENNA salad dressings. You will have no trouble finding the right dressing for any type of salad from our versatile range. The practical portion packs are hygienic and clearly calculable, making them particularly popular for use on buffets and in the catering field.


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1234460 Senna Olivenoel 100X11Ml

SENNA Olivenöl

• Mild, native olive oil from the first press
• Fine, fruity aroma
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1234460 | 1,1l (100 x 11ml)

1234465 Senna Balsamicoessig 100X9Ml

SENNA Balsamico Essig

• Original Italian balsamic vinegar
• Fruity aroma
• Fine acidity
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1234465 | 0,9l (100 x 9ml)

1234524 Senna French Dressing 80X25Ml

SENNA French Dressing

• With a piquant mustard taste
• Creamy, fine consistency

Art.Nr.: 1234524 | 2l (80 x 25ml)

1234523 Senna Balsamico Dressing 80X25Ml

SENNA Balsamico Dressing

• Mediterranean flavour
• With original Italian balsamic vinegar
• Perfect with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1234523 | 2l (80 x 25ml)

1234527 Senna Kraeuter Dressing 80X25Ml

SENNA Kräuter Dressing

• Mild, with aromatic herbs
• Creamy, fine consistency
• Without egg
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1234527 | 2l (80 x 25ml)

1234522 Senna Essig Oel Dressing 80X25Ml

SENNA Essig & Öl Dressing

• With pure sunflower oil
• Without egg
• Mild seasoning, with a hint of mustard and lemon
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1234522 | 2l (80 x 25ml)

1234525 Senna Joghurt Dressing 80X25Ml

SENNA Joghurt Dressing

• With fresh yoghurt
• Creamy consistency
• Without egg

Art.Nr.: 1234525 | 2l (80 x 25ml)