03. Dec, 2020

Croissant Donuts

Vegetarian, Dessert,

Already tried? Cronuts - a mixture of croissants and donuts - are the trend pastries from the USA!

Level of difficulty

150 Minutes

    Ingredients for the pre-ferment

  • g flour
  • g water (approx. 4-6° C)
  • eggs
  • g SENNA Melange Universal
  • g yeast
  • g whole milk powder
  • g sugar
  • g salt
  • For turning

  • g SENNA Melange+ Platte (approx. 16° C)
  • For frying

  • SENNA Goldfritter
  • SENNA Fritter
  • SENNA Fritter Zero Palm
  • Ingredients for the vanilla cream

  • ml SENNA Schlagcreme
  • ml SENNA Vanille Dessertsauce
  • Ingredients for finishing

  • SENNA Fondagel
  • SENNA Dekorglasur hell und dunkel
  • Coloured nonpareils
  • sugar

Used SENNA Products:

1413215 Senna Melange Platte

SENNA Melange + Platte 51%

• 51% butterfat
• Firmness: soft
• Combines the processing advantages of margarine with the delicious taste of butter

Art.Nr.: 1413215 | 10kg (5 x 2kg)

1246212 Senna Schlagcreme 10L

SENNA Schlagcreme

• High volume
• Delicate glaze
• Suitable for all cream machines
• With sugar
• Made from pure vegetable fats

Art.Nr.: 1246212 | 10l Bag-in-Box

1246302 Senna Vanillecreme Zero Palm

SENNA Vanillecreme ZERO Palm

• Baking and freezing stability
• Does not penetrate the pores of the baked goods
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1246302 | 13kg

1214220 Senna Melange Universal

SENNA Melange universal

• 10% butterfat
• Good overrun
• For short-crust pastry and cremes

Art.Nr.: 1214220 | 10kg (4 x 2,5kg)

1221202 Senna Goldfritter Ungehaertet

SENNA Goldfritter

• Frying fat with high-quality peanut oil
• No greasy film left on the fried foods
• Excellent frying results thanks to high resilience
• Odourless and tasteless
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1221202 | 10kg (4 x 2,5kg)

RZ SENN Logo Zero Tropical SZ 210506

SENNA Fritter ZERO Tropical

• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1221205 | 10kg (4 x 2,5kg)

1243216 Senna Dekorglasur Hell Neu

SENNA Dekorglasur hell

• Delicate sugar flavour
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1243216 | 0,6l (6 x 0,6l)

1243214 Senna Dekorglasur Dunkel Neu

SENNA Dekorglasur dunkel

• Chocolate flavour
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1243214 | 0,6l (6 x 0,6l)


  1. Mix all of the pre-ferment ingredients briefly into a cool, medium-stiff dough for the croissant dough.
  2. Then rest and chill for 30 minutes in a fridge.
  3. Add SENNA Melange+ Platte and then fold the dough three times into four layers.
  4. Finally, roll out the croissant dough until 3 mm thick, moisten and fold over to produce 3 layers of dough.
  5. Cut out circles in the shape of a donut with pastry cutters (diameter of 9 cm and 3 cm). Fry these rings on both sides in SENNA Goldfritter until golden brown.
  6. To make the vanilla cream, beat SENNA Schlagcreme for three minutes before adding SENNA Vanille Dessertsauce and beating for a further three minutes.
  7. To finish the baked croissant donuts, fill with vanilla cream (inject equal amounts). Then dredge in sugar or finish with SENNA Fondagel as well as coloured nonpareils.
  8. SENNA Dekorglasur hell and Dekorglasur dunkel are also ideal for decorating the croissant donuts.

Our tip

The croissant-donuts taste particularly delicious when warm.

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