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Convenience products sweet

SENNA cream fondants are the optimum basic product for whipped creme and creme filling. They offer excellent stability and cutting firmness, and are freeze and thaw stable. Our creme fondants are ideal for fluffy, light whipped cremes and long-life cremes, for gateaux, slices and roulades.


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1246230 Senna Obersfond Neutral

SENNA Obersfond neutral

• Neutral taste

Art.Nr.: 1246230 | 3kg (2 x 1,5kg)

1246232 Senna Obersfond Erdbeer

SENNA Obersfond Erdbeer

• Fruity strawberry flavour

Art.Nr.: 1246232 | 3kg (2 x 1,5kg)

1246236 Senna Obersfond Schoko

SENNA Obersfond Schoko

• Delicate chocolate flavour

Art.Nr.: 1246236 | 3kg (2 x 1,5kg)

1246242 Senna Obersfond Joghurt

SENNA Obersfond Joghurt

• Fresh yoghurt flavour

Art.Nr.: 1246242 | 3kg (2 x 1,5kg)