16. Apr, 2021

Pancakes with rice flour

Vegetarian, Glutenfree, Valentine's day, Mother’s Day, Father´s Day, Dessert, Spring, Summer, Herbst,

These gluten-free, fluffy, juicy pancakes taste particularly good with the SENNA fruit fillings! As a dessert or a delicious Sunday breakfast.

Level of difficulty

15 minutes

  • g bali® rice flour
  • g Cornstarch
  • g baking powder
  • g egg
  • g milk
  • SENNA glazing cream or Sunflower oil
  • fruit fillings
  • honey

Used SENNA Products:

1290085 Bali Feines Reismehl 5Kg Sack

bali® Reismehl

• Diätetisches Lebensmittel zur besonderen Ernährung bei Kau- und Schluckbeschwerden
• Von Natur aus gluten- und laktosefrei
• Gute Bindeeigenschaften
• Schnelle und einfache Zubereitung

Art.Nr.: 1290085 | 5kg

1225232 Senna Schmelzcreme 730Ml Tube

SENNA Schmelzcreme

• The talent in the practical tub
• For sweet and savoury dishes
• Perfect for melting off vegetables and pasta
• For baking crepes and omelettes
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1225232 | 730ml (6 x 730ml)

1249155 Senna Heidelbeer Fruchtfuelle 3L

SENNA Fruchtfülle Heidelbeer

• High fruit content
• Baking and freezing stability
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1249155 | 3l

1249115 Senna Erdbeer Fruchtfuelle 3L

SENNA Fruchtfülle Erdbeer

• High fruit content
• Baking and freezing stability
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1249115 | 3l

1249120 Senna Mango Fruchtf Ålle 3L

SENNA Fruchtfülle Mango

• High fruit content
• Baking and freezing stability
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1249120 | 3l

1249135 Senna Ananas Fruchtfuelle 3L

SENNA Fruchtfülle Ananas

• High fruit content
• Baking and freezing stability
• Vegan

Art.Nr.: 1249135 | 3l

1246215 Senna Vanille Sauce

SENNA Vanille Sauce

• Delicate vanilla flavour
• Creamy, fine consistency
• Microwave compatible and bain marie-stable (without packaging)
• Can be used hot or cold
• Ready to serve

Art.Nr.: 1246215 | 1l (12 x 1l)

1243194 Senna Caramel Sauce

SENNA Caramel Sauce

• For pepping up desserts, ice-cream sundaes, cremes and puddings
• For making coulis
• Ready to serve – can be used hot or cold
• Very creamy caramel taste

Art.Nr.: 1243194 | 900g (6 x 900g)


  1. Mix all ingredients and stir.
  2. Bake the dough in the pan over medium heat with a little SENNA glazing cream.
  3. Stack the pancakes and refine with SENNA fruit fillings and honey as desired.
  4. Also tastes very good with the ready-to-serve SENNA Vanilla Sauce or SENNA Caramel Sauce.

Our tip

Every time a new taste: with the variety of SENNA fruit fillings, classic with blueberry and strawberry or exotic with mango!

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